Story part 1

In 1975 a British scientist past away. After spending his whole life, not finding out if we could visit other planets or if it was possible to live amongst other creatures above earth. He spend his life attracting alien life to earth. In 1975, he succeed. After years of building the perfect surroundings for alien life, a blob came falling down the earth. It gently fell on the picknick table in front of the scientist. Who was just intending to eat his green jelly pudding. The scientist was shocked that blob apparently liked the wood so much, or blob was looking for his mate, he confused it with the scientists jelly pudding.

Story part 2

Well either way, the scientist was happy to finally experiment on alien life. He took blob to his lab, which was behind the picknick table. He also took his spoon. In the lab he immediately found out something strange. Whenever he would hold his spoon close to blob, blob would grow wings that light up. The scientist found it interesting and decided to scoop pieces of blob and store it into metal cans.

Story part 3

Then, when he went outside again, he saw the weirdest thing happening in front of his eyes. A little ant family was eating from his jelly and when they walked over the tableā€¦ they transformed into large alien ants. Because blob leaves its traces everywhere it goes. The scientist just looked at it for a few seconds. And then he heard a rumbling noise. It came from his lab! ..Booom.. An enormous explosion took place. He should have never put pieces of blob into metal cans, blobs explode when the get into contact with metal. Sadly the scientist would never find out how to handle blob.

Story part 4

Blob was now spread all over Euston Square in London. All types of bugs where attracted by blobs smell of sweets and wood. The amount of bugs grew and grew, and before London knew the whole sky was seeing green of the alien bugs. The bugs seem to remember that the scientist stored pieces of blob into metal containers an it made them mad, very mad. The started to use they electrical wings to shoot lighting strikes at people passing by. The bugs where able to absorb the electricity of the whole city to load they wings and enable them to grow beyond sizes anyone could imagine.

Story part 5

Then something strange happens. In an empty arcade in the hard of London only one kid is playing a video game. The kid has no idea about what is happening outside. Until all the arcades start fletching and the electricity stops working. The kid is alone in the dark arcade center for 20 minutes. But then, one arcade lights up. Adding alien bugs one by one. The arcade is working like a vacuum cleaner, but for bugs. The only way to save the world is by eliminating all the bugs within 24 hours. Good luck.